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An Intuitive Approach to The Writing Process

As a young writer, I assumed everyone had a process similar to my own. It was only in an MFA that it dawned on me most writers do not work the way I do. This distinction increased starkly once outside an academic environment. Bestselling guides advocated following concrete rules, and, above all, chasing market trends. Community critique groups […]

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Sensing or Intuitive Writer? How Personality Type Affects Creative Skillset

Nowhere do the differences between Sensing and Intuitive personalities show up as clearly as in how each type prefers to use language. Since style of communication is considered one of the most significant of human differences, it’s worth examining how this component of personality affects what we write, the way we write, and how readers […]

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Encouraging Quotes for Discouraged Writers

Making something from nothing is one of the most challenging endeavors humans engage in. After all, creative efforts are rife with uncertainty; outcomes can rarely be assured. So, how, then, do we sustain momentum on long, iffy projects? One answer is to look to those who have succeeded – and note how their advice reflects a reverence for purpose, […]

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Scottsdale Society of Women Writers Welcomes Carol Test

Carol Test presents to The Scottsdale Society of Women Writers at their Tenth Anniversary Celebration. All artists experience times when they yearn to create yet find themselves unable. But from a scientific standpoint, why might accessing creativity be harder for writers? Recent studies in neuroscience suggest the tools and rituals surrounding writing do [...]

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Top Reasons for Outright Rejection

Are you giving editors a reason to stop reading? Before submitting to literary magazines, ensure your manuscript doesn’t contain these common errors.   As a fiction writer, I’ve felt the sting of rejection more than I’d like to admit. It can take years to craft a story that resonates with readers. After all that effort, wouldn’t it […]

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The 10 Best Quotes On Writing

The Writing Cycle has rounded up ten of the best quotes on the writing process to offer inspiration as you engage in creative work. Which most resonates with your triumphs and challenges? Or would you add another piece of advice to this list? Quotes On Writing for Writers “A scathing perfectionist ethic undermines any serious artistic endeavor.” [...]

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