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“10 Tools to Remodel Your Novel”

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Prefer to DIY when comes to revision? “10 Tools to Remodel Your Novel” is a revision guide that empowers writers with ten self-editing power tools to get short story, novel or memoir manuscripts publication-ready. This stylish PDF workbook retails for $19.99 and contains hands-on exercises designed by award-winning authors, New York editors and college creative writing instructors.

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According to author Dani Shapiro, a writer’s raw material is not the blank page, but the rough draft. Yet many writers lose momentum when it comes time to revise.

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They judge early efforts harshly.


They tinker before rethinking structure.


They fail to think like readers.


They pay copyeditors to fine-tune what needs to be revised.

What’s worse, these writers often feel guilty that they haven’t completed their creative projects . . .  already!

Look: it’s worthy work to turn a rough draft into a realized dream, but this work can also be challenging. Rather than ending with the first draft, creativity extends through a period of critical refinement, wherein ideas must be packaged to impact audiences.

The secret to success in this stage is to keep the dream big while breaking revision efforts into ten small, actionable steps.

This is my specialty. Over the last decade, I’ve designed and taught courses on revision to creative writers at Phoenix College, The Piper Writers’ Studio and Arizona State University. The result? Writers in workshops became less anxious about polishing work and opened to the process of re-envisioning. Through a series of focused exercises, drafts gained clarity and power. Stories moved closer to their authors’ intent. Novel openings landed agents.

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Ready to give your revision clarity and focus?

The Writing Cycle’s e-Guide provides:

  • Insight into what drafting v. revision looks like for different writers.
  • Ten specific revision techniques from acclaimed authors and editors.
  • Straight talk and clear examples of each craft strategy.
  • Hands-on exercises designed to put your project through its paces.
  • Tips on how to identify your hook, theme and key scenes.
  • As always, reverence for the nature of your creative process.

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“Carol knows what agents and publishers are looking for. She truly motivates writers who have found themselves stuck in revision or lost during their quest to publication.”

— Deborah J Ledford,
Suspense Thriller Novelist – 2014 Anthony Award Nominee for Best Audio Book, CRESCENDO, narrated by Christina Cox.

“Every single one of Carol’s lectures electrified me. The way she broke down the revision process really helped to dissuade my anxieties about writing. She focused on the real crunch and mechanics of writing, not just the ideas. My writing improved greatly even from the first week. Her exercises were extremely helpful.”

– Student, Arizona State University’s Creative Writing program, 2014

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