According to Ernest Hemingway, LITERATURE is simply writing as well as you can and finishing what you start. But how do you sustain a writing routine tailored to your personality type? Or turn pages you’ve accumulated into a compelling book? The Writing Cycle offers in-person and phone-based coaching for writers ready to complete their manuscripts.

Most writing services available online are more helpful when it comes to revision than when it comes to creating enough material to complete a rough draft. Likewise, critique groups may provide useful feedback, but are not the best places to discuss process-based challenges. The Writing Cycle’s coaching sessions, by contrast, are designed to support writers through the generative stage of the creative process. Coaching promotes realistic goal-setting and healthy drafting habits. Success is defined by increased productivity with greater ease.

Working one-on-one with a writing coach can:

  • Break writing a book into a series of small, actionable steps.
  • Provide deadlines and accountability to increase productivity.
  • Offer a supportive ear for struggles throughout long projects.
  • Resolve writing blocks via powerful exercises.


Premium Coaching Package: 4 sessions


  • Strategic plan tailored to each client’s writing goals and personality.
  • Supportive one-on-one creativity coaching for process-based challenges.
  • Accountability fostered by tasks and deadlines.
  • Review of writing exercises (double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font) prior to each session.
  • Expert feedback on strengths and challenges.
  • 4 one-hour phone sessions, best spaced bi-monthly for optimum momentum. In-person sessions available for Arizona writers at my office in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

4-Session Package: $510

In order to foster sustained momentum, one-on-one coaching comes in a package of 4, with payment due up front. Scheduling is flexible.

Prefer a lower-cost option to polish a project? See if an excerpt review might meet your needs. 

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One-time Goal-Setting / Unblocking Intensive

Tight on time? Paralyzed on a project? Regain focus and momentum with a one-time intensive designed to reconnect you with realistic next steps as well as the larger purpose for your work-in-progress. This option is ideal for writers wishing to explore a specific challenge in depth and those needing to blast through blocks.


  • A lively, supportive 75-minute phone consultation.
  • Expert feedback, resources and advice, all tailored to a client’s immediate writing needs.



  1. Answer the questionnaire on the Contact page.
  2. Upon receipt of your questionnaire, I’ll reach out to ensure we’re a good fit. As always, all information submitted and discussed is held in strict confidentiality.
  3. Select and purchase the consulting service of your choice.
  4. Schedule your session(s).
  5. Three days prior to each session, place any homework for review as a double-spaced Microsoft Word document in Times New Roman 12-point font in the shared folder I create for your project.
  6. Consult with me one-on-one. In sessions, I will listen to your challenges, answer questions, provide resources and brainstorm possibilities for improving your process.
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