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I understand the writer’s dilemma:

  • Workshops teach you how to take stories apart, but rarely offer strategies for structuring novels.
  • The publishing industry emphasizes pitches and proposals, yet demonstrates minimal understanding of the creative process.
  • Self-publishing routes offer authors more options, yet fluctuate widely in terms of editorial quality.

I know. Over the years, I’ve worked in each of these capacities.

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My name is Carol Test, and I’m passionate about helping writers get work publication-ready.

My background as a creative writing professor, prize-winning author, and editor of literary and commercial publications has positioned me to bring a wide-range of expertise to manuscript services.

About The Writing Cycle Blog by Carol Test

The Writing Cycle evolved out of my desire to create a coaching and editing service dedicated to excellence and author-success. Its foundation is the belief that creativity is within reach of any individual, and the very best work arises from an author’s mastery of process coupled with skill savvy.

The Writing Cycle is not a ghostwriting service nor affiliated with any self-publishers. Our goal is to help you write well.

Whether you dream of revising a novel to share with millions of readers or simply need accountability to hone a reliable drafting process, we are committed to helping you succeed, from inspiration to publication and all of the steps in between.

Ready to learn more about The Writing Cycle? Here are ten rules for writing that guide my work.

Please enjoy.